About Me

This is my little spot in the world wide web.  I can write whatever I want.

Unfortunately, I usually bow to the fear of man, or at least struggle with it.

I'm a follower of Jesus.  I'm a wife and mama.  I hold those things to be most precious.  They are the titles that define me more than any other.

Our family served on staff with Gospel For Asia for five years, and that's when I started this blog.  In the summer of 2012, however, we transitioned to a different stage of ministry.  I'm now teaching 3rd grade Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies and my husband is getting his seminary degree. He is also a part-time youth pastor and I get to serve alongside him.

Before this point in life, where I drive a minivan with four children buckled into car seats, I once taught hormonal teenagers American history, counseled young girls in my youth group, organized events heralding the virtues of abstinence and purity, and even wore a shiny crown for a short season.

My hopes and dreams include raising children who know and love Jesus, having a huge 50th anniversary bash with my hubby in 2052, and speaking to women.  We'll see where the Lord takes me.  For now, I'm just clinging to Him!