Monday, August 22, 2011

The Start of a New Year

School started today!
I have two Kindergarteners and a 2nd grader!
[lunchboxes packed and ready to go]

They were all very excited about the first day.

Had you asked a few weeks ago, Asa would have said he was scared and not wanting to go, Jenna would have said she was excited and scared, and Rylee would have said she's afraid of bullies. [Jenna and Asa knew they were going to be separated for the first time hence their nerves, and we've watched an American Girl movie about bullies hence Rylee's new 'fear'.]
But, I'm glad to report that Back-to-School night last week helped squelch all those fears and apprehensions.
The kids were up and at 'em early. After a quick breakfast of pancakes (that Daddy made the night before....amazing daddy!), the kids brushed teeth and got on their uniforms.We did the girls' hair, then headed to get on socks and shoes--a family affair.Of course we took some photos before piling in the car!They were ready to go!!!We hadn't found belts yet. We didn't know they would have a new rule this year: shirts tucked in! But, we like it. They look so sweet.I {heart} uniforms very much!!! It makes mornings so easy and I think they look adorable.We walked the kids in for the first day. They meet for an all-school assembly and then dismiss by class. I call it the kid parade. Kindergarteners leave first, so we saw Jenna's class......then came Asa and his class......and finally Rylee appeared. She was so excited to be at school!Each kiddo had a fantastic first day. They are excited to be in their particular class and met some new friends.And, this kiddo and I hung out all day long!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Day of Summer Break

We went to Back-To-School Night yesterday. We delivered the incredibly heavy load of school supplies I had to get for the three kiddos who will start on Monday.

We had to supply: 4 packs construction paper, 3 pair scissors, 6 boxes crayons, 4 bottles glue, 14 glue sticks, 60 pre-sharpened pencils, 3 reams of copy paper, 7 spiral notebooks, 3 personal dry erase boards, 19 poly plastic pocket folders, 4 packs of washable markers, 4 boxes of dry erase markers, pencil box, ruler, headphones, journal, 2 sets of handwriting paper, erasers, 3 packs of loose-leaf paper....and that doesn't include the paper products they asked for! Oh, I should have taken a picture of their stuffed backpacks!

We filled out the same info over and over again. But, I'd rather every person know how to reach me than not!

The kids each met their teacher and found out which other kids will be in their class. We had some squeals of excitement and a few sad moments. But, overall, we are well pleased with what this year appears to hold!

Thanks to the uniform swap, I have a few more polo shirts for Asa. I've been busy trying to organize all their uniform pieces and set up a system to make mornings easier. Three kids with uniform sets, a baby who might still be sleeping when they get dressed, and a mama who doesn't care for mornings...we must have a good system!
I can't believe that in just 72 hours I will have a 2nd grader and two kindergarten students!