Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Apparently this is World Breastfeeding Week. Didn't know such a thing existed.

But, I'm glad it does. I don't have anything "original" to say about it. I'm a mom who has nursed. I'm also a mom who has bottle-fed my babies.

I have a sweet friend who mentioned that she doesn't talk about breastfeeding on her blog because it's a hot topic. She personally was unable to do so and has felt lots of bad emotions directed her way because of it. That makes me sad.

However, I totally understand. I have people in my life who have not supported my choice to nurse. Funny because I thought more people would have issues with bottle feeding, but that wasn't my experience.
nursing Jett right after he was born

I guess that's why I think my friend Beth's blog post was particularly sweet to me. I encourage you to go read it. Not just those of you out there who support breastfeeding or those who don't. I think all people should read her post.

In particular, I love this part:
What I'd like, though, is for us to just decide that breastfeeding is normal, and that we're okay with seeing women doing it in public...just as we're okay with women using bottles in public. Then, despite any awkward emotions, we can choose to support nursing mothers. In other words, we can act according to our values, not our emotions.
I have never condemned anyone for choosing to not breastfeed. I believe it is the best choice for babies, but I totally get it when it doesn't work. I nursed my twins for 4 weeks exclusively and then we started having some latch problems. The next 4 weeks were very, very (did I say VERY) difficult! Joel finally decided I wasn't breastfeeding them any more. He knew I would always regret it if I had to make the call. (Can we say AMAZING husband?) So, I pumped for a week or two (half gallon a day I was wasn't my issue). Then, we switched to formula.
my friend Heather giving Jenna a bottle at 4 months old

I nursed Rylee for 9 months, then started supplementing due to supply issues. Thus far, Jett is 6 months old and has only had breast milk. But, all my babies are happy and healthy, praise the Lord!

I don't jump into the crazy debates that go on. That's just silly. But, I would like to see more support for nursing moms from those who don't and for bottle feeding moms from those who don't. Unfortunately, it seems there is resentment from both sides towards the other and I personally believe it's because we feel threatened by those doing it differently.

So, here's to nursing. And, here's to supporting those who nurse their babies. It's World Breastfeeding Week! Hooray!

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  1. Great post, Megan! (And thanks for the shout-out!) I've often thought of your situation with the twins when I'm thinking of good reasons NOT to nurse. I remember (or think I remember!) you saying something about how it wasn't good for your family anymore. You had another daughter, and you needed to be able to do what was best for the WHOLE family. Sometimes that's the breast, sometimes the bottle. And what's ALWAYS best is supporting a mom who has enough to feel insecure about without worrying about people judging her decisions about what to feed her baby!