Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cute Kiddos, Ministry Update

I posted some cute pictures of Rylee a few weeks ago when she started kindergarten. (She's doing very well, by the way.)
But, I never posted many pictures of the other two kiddos in our crew. The other day we had some friends over to play and I took my camera out into our backyard. I snapped these two adorable pictures (among at least 2 dozen others, of course), but just thought these were too precious not to share.
I hope they bring you as much delight as they do me!

(you can click on a picture to see it larger in a separate window)

This blog is designed to share about our family as well as the ministry in which we serve. I thought I'd give you an update on what we're doing these days in ministry and some prayer requests.

Joel transitioned to a new department this summer and is busy expanding his knowledge. He went to a conference in California about two weeks ago and came back with new ideas and more understanding. His team of 3 within the Web department is called specifically "web marketing". Their job is to find new ways to share about the ministry via the web. Recently Joel created a Facebook page and they are looking at ways to share the ministry via this social network.

I have doubled my hours working in the office since the twins started preschool in September. It is such a blessing to finish tasks quicker and be around the staff more throughout the week. I serve in the Church Relations department, where we seek to establish relationship with churches to share the ministry and tell more people about our work in Asia. I'm also continuing to mentor a new staff person. What a delight to invest in someone else!

The entire family continues to enjoy Tuesday night prayer and monthly all-night prayer. We cannot begin to describe the growth we have seen in our entire family in the area of prayer. It is a great joy to hear one of our children say 'I have a boo boo' and to hear an immediate response from another one 'I will pray for you'. Our children are understanding that prayer is the most effective thing we can do. Awesome!

Our prayer requests:
--finances for a second car. we were given an older car and qualify for a state program to help us buy a second car. we are praying for wisdom as we look for the right vehicle and are continuing to ask God for the finances.
--grace as we continue to adjust to a new school year. our kids can struggle with being tired, especially Rylee as she gets used to no naps during weekdays (she was napping up until the day she started kindergarten!)
--that we will give up our rights to our own lives and surrender to the call God has placed on our lives, in every way possible.
--for health. we all seem to struggle with stuffy noses and headaches from time to time, especially as allergens increase. pray we will remain strong physically so we can stay strong in the battle.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Food, Food, Food...We Love to Eat!

I like to cook.

I like to try new recipes.

And, I love to share recipes, ideas, etc with others!
So, I started a blog just for my recipes and cooking. It's over here.

It's nothing fancy and never will be.

I plan to just add our favorite recipes to the blog as I can. I added three recipes today. They aren't in any particular order. But, I am labeling them so I can find them again. Once I get a ton of recipes in there, I plan to print the blog as a book...the Fletcher Family cookbook! Maybe I'll print copies so my kids will have them for when they are grown and leave home and want something Mama made. Gosh, that's crazy to think about...that's at least another 13 years away for Rylee!
I have some recipe posts here on my main blog. I'll be copying those over to the new food blog, too. And, I plan to add pictures to the food blog when I can. I have a folder in my iPhoto library titled "food pictures". How weird is that?

Just thought I'd let you know where you can find some of the stuff we're eating in the Fletcher home. Go check it out!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Learning Photoshop Elements

We got PSE for a Christmas gift over 9 months ago. We have yet to learn how to use it. Does anyone out there who reads my blog know where we can learn some basics? We have no clue how to even start.

I made the banner up above using a free website called scrapblog. I can't seem to get it to size correctly. So, I end up with funny looking things on my blog.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Jenna's Curls

We get asked ALL the time "where did Jenna get those curls?"

Joel's hair has a little bend to it and he had some curls as a little guy. My hair gets wavy (but not really pretty curls) when it's wet. But, no one has the ringlets that Jenna has.

Well, we've figured out the side of the family it probably came from.

Here's my brother and his pretty curls!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sweet Treats and Organizing

I thoughts are always random. But, I usually try to only post on one subject at a time. I like each post to have a "theme" and corresponding pictures. Plus, it makes me post more often.

Anyway...the sweet treats.
They have a Rita's in Texas!!!
Fellow GFA staffers from PA found a Rita's Italian Ice shop nearby. It's the only one in Texas, we've been told. Our friends met the owner and told him they work with several other families from PA. He gave her a stack of coupons for a free regular italian ice. So, we went to Rita's last Friday.
It was yummy!
I absolutely loved the bright red lips on the kids.
The Rita's is located in Flower Mound, about 20 minutes from our house. It's in a little shopping area that sort of has a park-like atmosphere. We ate outside, enjoying watching bunches of kids running around, and listened to a band playing classic rock at a restaurant across the patio. (And, my kids have never met a stranger. They walked over to say hi to these girls. Rylee came back a minute later and said "They're nice. [pause, then then seriously] They don't speak English." If you know Rylee's personality, you know it was hilarious!)
Then, on Wednesday the twins went to hang out with Auntie Pam. She and the twins made an ice cream cake while I ran an errand. Then, I returned and we went swimming. That night, Auntie Pam came over to help us eat some cake! It was delicious.
On a completely different note...I have taken on a challenge. I have decided to organize my desk area. When we remodeled our kitchen, we put in an area for the computer/desk. I've had little nooks and spots for things but it tends to accumulate a pile in the middle. I bought a used bookshelf for $5 and stuck it next to the desk. I had a plan for how to use it, but it's also accumulated random items. And, our incoming mail tends to pile up on the island counter.
Joel doesn't like piles. I don't really like piles. We try not to have piles, but they just end up being made. I made file folders, but never stuck things in them. (I'm very visual...out of sight is definitely out of mind for me!) But, I read a blog called "organized junkie" and she had a challenge last week. She calls this sort of area "command central". Makes sense. I have a spot where the kids keep their shoes, a spot for their backpacks to hang, and a place for gloves/hats/jackets in cool weather. But, this area needs organization and a PLAN! So, while I am too late for the official challenge (posting a link and pictures and possibly winning a prize), I'm posting this BEFORE shot to challenge myself (and give you something to hold me accountable for). Check back soon to see our AFTER shot. (There will be an added shelf, some rearranged folders, streamlining phones, the end of the weekend.)
And, it's led me to examine another spot...our coat closet by the front door that is currently the picture, wrapping paper, random stuff closet. This organizing thing might just snowball on me!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Teachers Are Appreciated

We had back to school night for Rylee the Thursday before she started school. She is going to a charter school this year. On BTS night, we learned more about the school, got lots of paperwork to complete and return, and met her teacher.
Having completed an entire week (and a half), she really enjoys school and likes her teacher very much. (She actually said "I love her" to be exact.)
The Thursday before the twins started preschool (which was this week, by the way), we had their BTS night. We met their teacher, dropped off the paperwork we had already completed, and enjoyed seeing some of their classmates (and some of Rylee's classmates and families from last school year).
The twins just finished their first week of preschool (they go Tu/Th) and they really like it. They have several friends from church in their class and get to meet some new kids, as well. Today they learned about the color red and the letter "a" and got to share some show-and-tell items.
Having good teachers is such a blessing. It gives me great peace to know my children enjoy their respective schools, feel safe and loved there, and are learning from teachers who care for them. I have the privilege to serve in the office for more hours as a result of my kiddos all being in school on Tu/Th. As a result, more people in Asia are going to hear the Gospel!
So, all you teachers out there...your job is impacting far more than just those little kiddos sitting in front of you. You might just be touching the lives of people around the world!