Thursday, September 3, 2009

Teachers Are Appreciated

We had back to school night for Rylee the Thursday before she started school. She is going to a charter school this year. On BTS night, we learned more about the school, got lots of paperwork to complete and return, and met her teacher.
Having completed an entire week (and a half), she really enjoys school and likes her teacher very much. (She actually said "I love her" to be exact.)
The Thursday before the twins started preschool (which was this week, by the way), we had their BTS night. We met their teacher, dropped off the paperwork we had already completed, and enjoyed seeing some of their classmates (and some of Rylee's classmates and families from last school year).
The twins just finished their first week of preschool (they go Tu/Th) and they really like it. They have several friends from church in their class and get to meet some new kids, as well. Today they learned about the color red and the letter "a" and got to share some show-and-tell items.
Having good teachers is such a blessing. It gives me great peace to know my children enjoy their respective schools, feel safe and loved there, and are learning from teachers who care for them. I have the privilege to serve in the office for more hours as a result of my kiddos all being in school on Tu/Th. As a result, more people in Asia are going to hear the Gospel!
So, all you teachers out there...your job is impacting far more than just those little kiddos sitting in front of you. You might just be touching the lives of people around the world!


  1. As a teacher I can't tell you how much your posts and your comments are appreciated...even by your MOM! I love seeing the pictures of the kids and reading about what they are doing. It makes me feel as though I am right there with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you...I love you all. Mom

  2. did asa actually let you spike his hair??? :)