Sunday, November 23, 2008

Toddler Worship

Do other bloggers think like me? Do you randomly think "oh, I will want to blog about that" and write things down? Why do I think people care what I think about throughout the day?

But, honestly, some things are worth sharing. I'll get around to some of those things eventually, but for now I'll post my latest "project".

I love my Mac.

I don't use it to its fullest capabilities by any means.

Since my camcorder stinks (and is ruining footage during playback) and my digital camera takes video but with no sound (which is somewhat pointless), this is one of the ONLY clips of real video I have from the past year.

What a sad mama I am. Well, not really. But, I do wish I'd video more of my kids' fun toddler moments. They say some hilarious things.



  1. So precious! I love children worshipping. Even babies sometimes!

    Rylee is so articulate! Simon kept talking to the screen, "Hey, Rylee! Hey! Do you hear me? Hey!"

  2. From Simon: