Sunday, August 16, 2009

Celebrating My Birthday

My birthday was August 6. We went to lunch as a family. But, we didn't really do anything else very special. My friend, Sarah, offered to watch my kids one day for a few hours so I could go do something fun.

On Wednesday I dropped off my three to play with her two, and Dani and I headed to the Galleria.
We went ice skating, then had lunch at Grand Lux Cafe. My friend Pam posted pics from having lunch there with her granddaughter. It looked so good, I wanted to go!
Neither Dani nor I fell on the ice...yeah! I even turned a few circles and skated balancing on one leg. (Not that I looked graceful doing it!)
At the Grand Lux, we had some yummy food and saved room for dessert. My belated birthday dessert was a huge slice of chocolate fudge cake! It was delicious!
It was a nice belated birthday celebration. Then, Joel took me a date Friday. Wow! Guess we just needed to prolong the celebration a little.

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  1. Happy birthday, Megan! That sounds like a great celebration!