Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Afternoon Sewing Project

It's been a while since I first saw this adorable bag on someone's blog. The blog author was showing simple bags you could sew and this one caught my eye. It looked simple but functional and I loved the bold print.
One day when I was browsing through the 'as-is' section at IKEA, I came across a cushion slipcover that was black and white. I grabbed it, figuring I'd someday use the fabric for a bag.
Then, another day I was browsing through the scraps bin at JoAnn Fabrics and came across this lovely yellow and white fabric. Ahhh...the inside of a bag someday!
Well, someday finally came...yesterday.The bag was pretty easy to make. I didn't have a pattern. The above mentioned blog referred to another blog that had a tutorial on how to make the bag. However, over time the creator of the bag decided to take down the post, improve the instructions for making the bag, and begin selling the pattern. Urgh. Well, thankfully, I had sketched the pattern with measurements. So, I just did it by memory.
I ended up pulling it back apart to modify the shape slightly since my fabric wasn't as long as the pattern called for. My bag is smaller than the one pictured. But, overall, I think it turned out pretty cute!I was especially pleased that it only took me about two hours to finish the entire thing.


  1. Very cute! I love the fabric and the size will be nice.

  2. WHOA! So cool!

  3. Now that's called using your time wisely!! Nicely done.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! Nice job! (I'm impressed!)