Monday, May 23, 2011

A Fishing/Camping Trip

We went "camping" on Mother's Day weekend.

It was our answer to the constant question: when can we go camping again? You might remember that we went camping last fall. They've been asking to go again ever since!

We have friends who own a ranch in Sherman, Texas. They have a converted barn and allowed us to come stay for the weekend. There's a pond that has lots of sun fish. There's also lots of land to explore!We drove up to Sherman on Friday afternoon with our friends Travis and Lisa and their girls, Grace, 9, and Faith, 2. We arrived on Friday evening. After a tour around the property, we enjoyed some smores--made in the toaster oven because there was a burn ban!

Joel and Asa slept in a tent outside. Meanwhile, Lisa and I bunked in the bedroom with Jett and Faith. All the big girls slept in the loft area. The next morning was fishing time! It was the most anticipated part of the trip for the kids.The pond was perfect for their adventures! It has a plethora of sunfish that can be caught in a matter of seconds. Ideal for anyone fishing with many young children!I think each kiddo caught about 20 least!About as quickly as I could snap pictures was how quickly Jenna tossed her line in, snagged a fish, and reeled it in.The kids had already caught a dozen fish before Lisa and I got down to the pond with the little kids. And, they were so quick at catching that I had to help Jenna hold her line in the water while we waited for the guys to help us get the fish off the hook. I was holding Jett. I had a great excuse for not touching a fish!
Lest you think it was calm and serene...Flying fishhooks! Toddling two year olds...After they fished for a few hours, we ate lunch and took a little rest. Then, we hooked up the sprinkler and let the kids cool off.There was a neat pair of binoculars in the barn and we were situated on a high part of ground with a great view!
We enjoyed a very juicy and sweet watermelon while we were outside. Asa left the evidence on his chin!Once we had worn out the outdoors, we let the girls pile in the tub to get clean. They thought it was immense fun!
Lisa had prepared a lasagna ahead of time that we enjoyed with toasted garlic bread and fruit. Then, we watched a movie and called it a night as we settled into our air conditioned accommodations. My kind of "camping" for sure!


  1. That sounds like a blast!! Nice to have some facilities beyond just trees when you're camping. :)

  2. I love sunfish! Aren't they the best. Glad ya'll had fun.