Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teacher Encouragement

This sweet post (Why I Hated Meredith's First Grade Teacher) made me cry.

Take a minute and read it.  It really is a sweet tribute to mom's letting their babies go off to school as well as the teachers who love those kiddos dearly.  I understand both sides of that fence.

I take my job as Mama very seriously and have for the last 8+ years.  My children's teachers have become part of our family, just as Meredith's did.  I have been incredibly grateful for the amazing teachers my children have had and appreciate their sacrifice and commitment to love my children.

I also take my job as teacher very seriously.  I am entrusted with great treasures each day.  I pray each morning that I have His eyes to see them, His heart to love them, and wise words from Him to guide them.  My job is much more than teaching Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies.  I can build up or tear down.  I can encourage or do lifelong damage.  My words have power...and so do the looks I give.

If you would be so kind to stop now and pray that I will do both of these jobs well, I would appreciate it!  On my own, I know I'll mess them both up, but in His strength I can share Light and Love!

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