Friday, March 14, 2008


Jenna with Hosea, another GFA kid

Life is all about learning. I'm learning a lot of things right now. For example, I'm learning how quickly my daughter learns. I was feeling a little "behind" as a mom because she doesn't really write letters well, doesn't read, and I really don't do much to "teach" her things regularly. I was feeling like I have wasted so much time with her. For the past two days we've been drawing when she wakes up from her nap before her siblings are up. Thus far she's learned to write R, E, F, and P. (P and R are close, so that's how that happened. Same with E and know.) But, it's just so neat that she's learning so quickly. I guess it goes to show that if I'll just spend the time she can learn more!

Rylee lovin' on Timmy, Hosea's brother

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