Monday, April 7, 2008

Oprah church

A friend recently wrote on her website about Oprah and the things she is now saying about "knowing God." I found it interesting since I recently heard a radio broadcast that was specifically dealing with some things Oprah had said about knowing God. My friend's post got me thinking, so I decided to post this video here for you to see as well. I find some of Oprah's shows to be interesting (when she interviews people or has home makeovers or things that seem innocent enough). However, after watching at random times, I decided a while back I could not support watching her show at all because of the way she is growing in popularity and the new areas where she's spending her time, particularly in talking about her "favorite topic" (as she calls it), which is this "new earth" stuff (new age stuff!). Watch the video and be surprised and heart-sick, as I was. (I'm not endorsing the book at the end or any political view, but the issues about what Oprah is teaching are my focus.)

Also, I want to add that I am not against Oprah herself. I think she does some great things. I'm really more sad about the influence she is having on Christians, many of whom have no idea that what she's teaching is completely unbiblical. I don't like the fact that Oprah calls herself a Christian since she has so many beliefs that are not from Scripture. But, she is lost. I just want believers to wake up and see that she is NOT speaking truth. So many believers listen to her regularly (watch her show, go to her website, read her magazine, etc) and take to heart some of her "teachings." For more (and much better exposition on the topic), visit the website of Heather Hendrick (see the sidebar).

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