Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crazy Texas Weather!

Oh my goodness, the weather here is crazy. We had a tornado come through last night!!! Praise the Lord, we were not affected by it much. We lost power from 3am until this afternoon, but otherwise sustained no damage. Here are some pics taken by a friend. A few cars had their windows totally shattered.

One building at the front of our apartment complex had its roof completely torn off...beams exposed and all!
Apparently loose plywood flew through the windows of some other apartments and pieces of tin roof from covered parking areas wrapped around cars.

Our family's specific apartment is in a great location in the complex as far as severe weather. Our building sits lower than those around us and we're on the inside and bottom floor of the building. We heard the tornado sirens around 3am and sat in the living room waiting to get the kids into the master bathroom/tub. We didn't realize the siren meant a tornado had been here (hey, we aren't from tornado places!). I kept praying "Lord, please give Joel wisdom to know WHEN we need to move to be safe." We stayed up for a while then headed back to bed. The kids woke up as normal and we were exhausted. It made for an interesting day as most people around here were up throughout the night and had no power this morning. Praise God we're safe!


  1. Can't believe no one posted after your storm post. Must have been scary!
    I see you like Money Saving mom-me too. Have you seen her other blog-Biblical womanhood?
    I just post on Treasured Hearts blog. We gotta get this going.
    GFA ordered from us not long ago and I sent a Hello to you. Hope they passed it on.
    How's your support level now that you are on the Field? Ours dropped the last 2 months which happens from time to time. Just means we haven't been communicating.
    All for now. Jacque Fessenden

  2. Hi, Megan, I'm so glad I found your blog through your profile! I've saved it so I can check it often. We got the same storm. I ended up with the kids in my closet. Jason thought everything was fine and stayed in the living room--THANKFULLY he was right! We didn't get the wind damage (WOW to your pics!) but did get ping pong ball-sized hail.