Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summertime Fun

I don't really update this blog. I'm not good about updating our "real" blog. But, I just noticed recently that a friend had this blog listed on her site, so I figured I should at least put a new post on here.

This summer we've been blessed in some incredible ways.
First, my mom came to visit. That was great. My kids were really excited to see her. We had a nice time and she was very helpful to us.
Second, we bought a house in May. We leased it back to the seller for six weeks and finally moved in June 25. We are SO happy to have the space. (we were really tired of our 900 sf apartment!) Here's Jenna (all of 2 1/2) helping with the move.
We especially love our backyard!
Third, our friends came to visit. Heather and her son, Jonah, from PA came for a week to the big D. We have missed them very much and loved spending 24/7 with them for the first week of July. My kiddos had a great time.
We are getting ready to welcome another visitor who will be here for a month. Dani, a friend from PA who was in our youth group and babysat our kids, is coming tomorrow. My kids are really excited to see her.

Most of all, we are seeing God continue to do amazing things through the ministry we're a part of. It's so awesome to know that day in and day out the work we do with GFA is saving lost souls in Asia, where the most unreached people on earth live! We get to hear story after story of God's intervention and the salvation he brings to hurting people. We get to intercede for our dear brothers serving on the field to reach these people. And, we get to tell the Church here in America about what God's doing. All this serving comes as we continue to grow closer to our Lord and learn more about Who He is and how much He loves us. What a privilege. God is so good!

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  1. Yay, an update (and due to my blog roll, perhaps?)! :) Your kiddos are so cute and Rylee is looking SO much like you. Heather's son is adorable too! I'm glad you got to see her. (I'm assuming this is the Heather I knew growing up?) Thanks for the update!!