Sunday, June 7, 2009

Adventures in Water

We went on another little weekend trip.

We previewed a timeshare presentation.

We were wary, but it turned out to be fine. It was a nice little getaway for our family.

We stayed in a nice hotel for 2 nights. It had free breakfast...and not just coffee and donuts. It was a filling one! For our family, that bonus alone was worth our time listening to the timeshare schpeal.

We also got free passes to an indoor waterpark. I didn't take my camera in. Asa and Rylee loved the slides. Jenna wasn't so keen on them. But, they all liked the lazy river. Rylee finally took the plunge and went underwater.

Back at the hotel pool, she couldn't resist doing it over and over again. I finally caught it on camera! (Along with Asa's best water trick.)

We are ready for summer! Swim lessons for all three kiddos starts tomorrow morning. I think we're all very excited!


  1. Very brave! I need to get some water wings for Chickie--she's afraid of getting her face wet, so we have some fear issues to get past.... Should really do swimming lessons for her.