Saturday, June 13, 2009


If you receive our newsletter updates, then you know by now that I've been running.

I've never been a runner.

I've always admired runners.

I've tried running in the past and I never get far. (pun intended) I never go very far distance-wise and I never stick with it.

For the last two years I've read a blog pretty regularly. Heather writes about life and lots of things she writes really challenge me. Last spring she started running. I was going to the gym at the time and tried a little running. Not for me. I ended my membership with the gym as summer started.

Fast forward to this spring. Heather started writing about running more. She suggested that people put on something for Lent, as opposed to giving up something. (Lent is the 40 days prior to Easter. Many Christians observe Lent, but most people only connect Lent with Catholics. You can learn more about Lent by reading this.) Heather suggested that people start running. In particular, she wanted people to register for a race that was to be held right after Easter to raise money for Compassion. And, Lent provided a great time to start running in preparation for the race. (you can read her posts about running by clicking here)

I was challenged. I ran some. Then, life got busy. I wasn't really following a program so stopping due to inconvenience was easy.

Then, I remembered her challenge. Something in me was sparked.

I've always wanted to be a runner.

My friend Kara runs. Her husband runs. My friend Ginger runs. My friend Jim runs. I wanted to be a runner.

On Easter we had some friends over for dinner to celebrate. One friend, Bonnie, has been doing a Boot Camp exercise program. As we were talking about diets and exercise, she mentioned the program "Couch 2 5K". I was intrigued.

I checked out the website. I really liked that they had free MP3s you can download and they have prompts telling you when to walk/run. How much easier can it get?

Thus began my adventures in running.

I began running Sunday afternoon, April 26. We received a rebate check and Joel said I could buy a pair of new running shoes. I went and picked out a pair, came home and changed, and went for my first run.

Couch 2 5K is designed to take you from no running to being about to complete a 5K in about 30 minutes. It's an interval training program. You walk and run in intervals and build up endurance. It's a 9 week program. I've just finished week 8 as far as how long I've been running, but I am in the middle of week 6 of the 9.

I've had trouble doing 3 workouts each week. Sounds easy, but there always seems to be a problem. (One week I got sick and that took me out almost an entire 7 days. Another week we had plans every single night of the week, making it hard to get in a run. Other weeks we have been out of town for the weekend and I was too tired to run.) So, it hasn't been "perfect", but I've been running/walking for almost 2 months now.

This past Monday I ran for 20 minutes straight. I couldn't believe it! Two months ago I thought that was impossible. It's been awesome to see myself grow in endurance.

I'm confident I will be able to run the 5 K. I might not be fast, but I think I can do it.

These next few weeks will be tough. Weeks 7-9 have only warm-up walking and 25-30 minutes of running for every workout. But, I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I would appreciate your prayers, if you think of me. You can pray for safety (so far I've had no injuries, but I've had to overcome various "issues"). You can pray for endurance. You can pray I will learn spiritual lessons as the Lord teaches me through running. You can pray for me to go beyond the 5K.

If you'd like to read about Couch 2 5K or visit the website where I found the music, go here.


  1. now i understand why jenna was asking to go running with you! :)

  2. Good job! Reading this makes me anxious to get back to running myself.