Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Another Weekly Post

Nothing exciting to report today. Just thought I'd give a few updates for those who check every now and then to see what we're up to.

I went to PA for a quick trip last weekend. Had a few babies that were born in '09 that I had yet to meet. Sweet faces! Lots of good talking.

I got to see Tyler (see the sidebar on the right). What a delight and blessing to play the Wii with him! (just sad my kiddos didn't get to see him; he was asking for them) Keep praying for Tyler and his family...the road will be long.

I got sick the second part of my trip. Fever, chills, headache, ...ugh. Thankfully, I was prayed up and the flight home was easy. When I was still sick the next day, Joel took me to the dr. No flu. No strep. The dr said it was a sinus infection. So, I'm on meds. I'm on the mend. Then Rylee was sent home on Friday for a fever. No flu for her either (love her ped who got her in right away!). She's been resting and getting better.

I have my first parent-teacher conference tomorrow morning. I'm very excited! Rylee will have her school picture taken tomorrow, as well. And, tonight we're going to get our new second vehicle. We have a great peace about the car we've chosen. We took a step back (and spent another week looking things over) and think the deal we're getting is just about the best out there. We don't need to be spoiled with a second car; we were just given this great opportunity and think it's the right step. I'll have a picture of that soon.

And, pictures to come include: the fort that Daddy keeps improving (it's looking so cool!), an update on our kitchen (I never posted completed pictures), babies I got to visit (oh, they're so cute!!!), and maybe some other random stuff.

Hope this week's off to a good start for everyone we love!

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