Friday, October 9, 2009

A Quick Visit to Some Cute Babies

I made a quick trek back to PA two weeks ago.
Two of my very dearest friends have had babies this year. One had a baby in January, while we were in India. The other had a Labor Day baby just a few weeks before my visit.
I had yet to meet Isaac, though I've seen lots and lots of pictures of him. He is a precious blue-eyed boy who is friendly and very easygoing. He is the son of my friend, Heather, who was with Joel and I when Rylee entered this world. Heather and I took tap dance classes together back when we were 12 years old! While we went to different high schools, we reconnected in college through youth ministry and became very close friends. Heather married Paul just 7 weeks after Joel and I got married and then they moved to NY a few weeks after we got settled in PA. We lived 3 hours apart and made regular visits to see one another until we moved to Texas two years ago.I was very excited to meet Miss Julienne. She arrived on Labor Day weekend as a healthy and strong baby girl. She is the daughter of my other friend Heather, who lived right down the street from us in PA. Heather and I first met when we moved to PA, but we became very close friends when we moved closer to the church into her neighborhood.
Her son, Jonah, came to our house each morning before school and he and Rylee became fast, dear friends. Heather was right by my side as we welcomed our twins into the world and would stop by almost daily to help me with one of the afternoon feedings. We enjoyed doing life together--from having dates to get our hair cut, having dinner together regularly, participating in women's Bible study to late night talks, baking Christmas cookies, and being at her family's holiday gatherings. Heather and Jonah came to visit us in Texas last summer and we got to spend time with them during our trip to PA last fall. I was very excited to meet Julienne and hold her as a newborn.I also got to visit briefly with my friends, Jason, Chrissy & Tyler Derr. Tyler has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatments right now. He is in the second phase of treatments, which is expected to take several years. I went by their house to say hi and got to play the Wii with Tyler for a little bit. (Thankfully Jonah had taught me how to play the Wii the day before!)
My little visit was very short, but very sweet. We have so many precious friends in Harrisburg that it was hard to be there and not see everyone. But, I only had a small window of time. I'm hoping our whole family we can make it back soon for a longer visit.


  1. OK...Is it terrible of me for continuing to access your blog just to look at my "oh so cute" little girl and of course Issac's beautiful blue eyes! Thank you so much for taking such great pictures and of course for being such a wonderful friend! Love you! Heather M.

    P.S. We have had the chicken tenders 2 times and just at the taco pie...thank you...YUM!!!

  2. ...ate the taco pie...ugh typos!

  3. Heather...what beautiful children you have...wish I could have been there, too!