Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Arizona Trip Pictures

We had the privilege of sharing at both churches in Yuma that financially support our family, Stone Ridge Church and Calvary Chapel.
Megan began attending Stone Ridge as a teenager and even served on staff directing the youth ministry for a year. Pastor Sam officiated our wedding in 2002. When we told him about joining the Gospel for Asia staff in 2007, he was excited since he had read the book Revolution in World Missions many years earlier and it shaped much of his own view on missions. During this trip we got to share for a few minutes in each of the church's three Sunday services. We also shared during their youth service Saturday night. Many people signed up to receive our newsletters and took the free copy of Revolution in World Missions we offer. It was a great time of encouragement for us.
Joel began attending Calvary Chapel when he got stationed in Yuma while serving in the Marine Corp. He began leading a simple weekly Bible study and eventually served on staff as the youth pastor and office administrator. It was during a visit by a GFA speaker to Calvary Yuma about a decade ago that Joel first received a copy of Revolution in World Missions. Like many other great books, it was put on a shelf and moved from place to place. Only when God confirmed His calling on our lives to serve in missions did Joel finally take time to read the book. And, now here we are. We shared for the teaching time at Calvary during both their Sunday services and Megan shared at their monthly ladies meeting on Saturday. The reception for us at Calvary was overwhelming and a good taste of the lavish love the Father has for us.
Though we have been gone from living in Yuma for almost eight years, it feels like it was just yesterday. The bonds that are forged in hearts between friends who love God and one another continually amaze me.
We enjoyed the Yuma Wetlands park several times during our 10 day visit. We met friends there for a picnic on Sunday, met more friends there for play and lunch Monday, and then had a little reunion of youth ministry days there on Saturday. Eight former students brought their families to play and visit. It was so neat to see everyone and catch up on where life has taken us all.
The kids were fascinated by the desert around their Nana's house, particularly the mountains. So, we took them on a few nature walks. They enjoyed collecting rocks, picking up big sticks, and running through the washes.We also played lots of dominos.


  1. What a wonderful trip. Praying God uses it to raise up just the right prayer and financial supporters for you.

  2. what awesome memories...ones you can always recall because of the pictures you have taken...keep up the will bring great rewards!