Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Blogging

Other things around here have been taking priority...rightfully so.

We have a newborn. Yeah, I know...I should add pictures. Soon. Soon.

But, Joel went out of town weekend before last. A friend came to hang out and help me. My two girls got a tummy bug and woke up middle of the night throwing up. One right after the other. We laid around Sunday and Monday and then they were fine by Tuesday.

Dad came home. Whew.

Rylee stayed home Thursday with more tummy troubles...just slightly different. Then, Asa woke up throwing up middle of the night Thu/Fri. He was home sick on Friday. We managed to get better by Saturday evening and enjoyed going to see "Tangled" in 3D at the Dollar Theater!

Sunday, Rylee woke up with a fever. ugh. Joel left yesterday to be at a conference all week. I took Rylee to the doctor and he confirmed she has the flu! (Yes, Jenna had the flu...starting the day we brought Jett home from the hospital. But, Ry and Asa never got it.) She's home from school for the second day and will be home tomorrow. I'm just hoping she's better by tomorrow so she can go to school Thursday. She's missed too much!

So, unless you want pictures of us laying around in our jammies and kids with that "sick look" on their face, you'll just have to wait for good posts.

This is the life!!!

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  1. Those sickness times are SO challenging! Praying for you!