Thursday, July 21, 2011

THE trip, week 3

No pictures of the ice cream social yet. I forgot to email and ask. But, trust me...we had one. It was fun. We had an ice cream sundae bar with lots of toppings. Near the end of our come-and-go time, Joel went down to the youth room and invited all the teenagers to come up and make sundaes. That doubled the attendance....and was lots of fun!
Saturday we transitioned from staying with the Rowell family to staying with the Mullen family. Dick and Paula, affectionately called GaGa and Pappy, are my kids' Harrisburg grandparents. Paula came to help me each week when the twins were born and would take care of all three on Wednesday nights so I could lead womens Bible study. We are very close friends with Paula's daughter and her kids, who call her GaGa...hence the adoption of the name.
Our third Sunday of the trip was spent sharing at New Love in Christ Church during their Sunday school hour and briefly in the service. That evening Joel flew back to Texas to work for the week (that's how we managed to take such a long trip!).
Our second week in Harrisburg was more kick-back and relax. The kids loved playing with GaGa and Pappy's Legos, craft supplies, and toys. We had a few playdates and went to some local attractions.We went to the Hershey Story Museum with Terri and Jaxon. Our kids really enjoyed playing at Jaxon's house the previous week, so it was fun to let them connect again...and really nice to have some time to chat with Terri again.The kids even got to make a chocolate bar in the Chocolate Lab!We went over to my friend Sommer's house and got to play with her two girls. Sommer kept my kiddos while I had lunch with another girlfriend, then we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's. It was a hit!Pappy's mom, Ms. Evie, came out to the house to visit for a bit. She got to meet Jett. She adores kiddos, especially babies. I think she was pretty delighted to hold Jett!We went to the Whitaker Center Science Museum with our friends Chrissy and Tyler. You might remember Tyler from my posts requesting your prayers for him. Tyler is in the last phases of treatment for cancer. He's doing great and it was a real treat to spend more time with them! The kiddos all played so well together.We also spent time with my friends, Heather, Jonah and Julienne. Heather is Paula's daughter and my very good friend. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many pictures while we were at their house playing. It was a series of those so-casual-you-forget-to-take-pictures visits. I did manage to snap this very grainy shot of Miss Priss, who is too cute for words!
It was a good, fun week. GaGa spoiled me with her help and care of our family. The kids missed Daddy a lot more than I would have imagined. I think it was a combo of him being gone and us not being in our normal place. They made posters to welcome him back and after some flight delays, he finally rejoined us at 1am Friday morning...the start of our 4th and final week of the trip.

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