Monday, July 18, 2011

THE trip

It was 5,300 miles, 30 days, 14 states, 6 people piled in a was the Fletcher family support trip/vacation!

Our first day of travel - Dallas to Nashville. We ended up in a hotel with no pool, so we found these fountains nearby. We also had no idea it was the first day of the CMAs....busy, busy town!

Our method of travel is to get on the road at 4am, drive until about 8am (kids and mama sleep), stop for a lengthy breakfast at a restaurant, drive another 200 miles, stop for lunch (picnic), drive another 200 miles, stop for the day around 4pm having driven 600 miles. Works for us.the boys...snoozing away!We stopped to picnic in Memphis our first day and then Roanoke, VA the second day.
we made sure to get a hotel with a pool the second night. And, we stopped at a neat diner for some ice cream while we were in Virginia.
We stopped to visit friends, went to a wedding, then finished the drive to northern PA on our third day. It was a very full, wonderful day! I was too busy enjoying it to remember to take pictures.We shared at Bentley Creek Wesleyan Church our first Sunday in town. The kids explored Grandma and Papa's house, then the creek that runs through town.We took the kids to a flight museum on Monday. Ha! It was officially closed, but the carpet guys were there to clean, so they let us come in and look around. (Click the photo below of Jett to see why we took it.)We went to the Corning Museum of Glass the next day. We watched a glass blowing demonstration and the kids did a scavenger hunt through the exhibits.Later that week we headed to Tappan, NY to visit our good friends, Heather and Paul, and their boys. We went to see the Statue of Liberty while we were there.
After visiting our friends, we headed back to northern PA -- via Scranton and some very scenic roadways. We stopped for lunch at the mall near the railroad in Scranton. Neat place. But, don't ever try to play games in the arcade.This is somewhere west of Scranton. Beautiful!!! Totally worth the time to stop.And, that's just the first week!

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