Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat

This year it seemed that the Halloween celebrations lasted for days. Various churches around the area had events Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. We only went to one -- the outreach our church hosted at the apartment complex where we used to live.
Rylee went as a tired mom of a newborn (ha!), Jenna was Tinkerbell, and Asa was Shrek.They enjoyed the bounce houses and giant inflatable slide. They ate hotdogs, chips, and popcorn. They played games and got some candy and prizes.
I was taking pictures of the event. I couldn't commit to running an activity since I figured Joel would be home with Jett, who would be finishing his afternoon nap. I was right. But, after a bit, this cute thing strolled up!Seriously, adorable! And, he didn't seem to mind the hat at all.Then, on Monday we invited our friends, the Braleys, over to trick or treat with us. We got our crew decked out in their costumes again and went door to door. We only went to half our street because it was getting late and we still had plans.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures, but we returned home to roast marshmallows over our fire pit in the back yard and eat some smores. We made them using the candy the kids got trick or treating. A smores with a Milky Way....yum-o!
Our street doesn't get much traffic, so I just set our bowl of candy outside and left our light on while I went out back to enjoy the smores-making fun.
We wrapped up our evening, gave the kids a quick shower (they smelled like smoke from the fire), and got them into bed before 9. Success in my book!

Next post: My take on Halloween.