Thursday, April 19, 2012


This adventure called motherhood really is incredible. I've never been so challenged, so vulnerable, so taken in all my life.
I officially became a mama 8 years ago today. I will never forget that day and all the craziness that led to that final moment when our baby girl burst on the scene.
A girl?!
We were surprised. Not that we had any real clue, but we just kinda thought we would have a boy. We loved the surprise. I've never regretted not knowing until that moment. That glorious and amazing moment.
Rylee Kay is very much like her mama in a number of ways. She's also very much her own unique person.
If you spend any amount of time with her, you will find out a few things fast.
Rylee loves to sing.
Rylee loves to talk.
Rylee loves to dance.
Rylee loves to read.
Rylee loves to laugh.
Rylee lives in her own world much of the time--getting engrossed in what she's doing.
She's smart and sweet.
She loves Jesus and wants to love Him with her life.
She loves her family and her friends.
She has hardly ever met a stranger (she gets that from her Nana).
I cannot begin to explain all the deep things I've learned from parenthood. But, one thing I can easily explain, I am more than honored to be the mama to my Rylee-bug!

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  1. Awesome...happy birthday, Rylee; and happy became-a-mommy-day, Megan!