Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sweetest Notes

Rylee woke up around midnight two weeks ago complaining of ear pain. After putting some homeopathic drops in her ear and giving her some ibuprofen, she went back to sleep. The next morning she was okay but her ear still hurt some. I gave her more drops and we finished getting ready for church. I did notice the q-tip I used to clean just the edge of her ear was tinged pink, but I thought it was the drops.

She complained off and on as we went to breakfast, at times getting very upset. We gave her more ibuprofen and she seemed to feel better. Near the end of church I looked at her ear again and saw blood in the ear canal. I was very concerned and knew almost immediately that she must have ruptured her ear drum.

Once we were back home I took Rylee to an urgent care for kids. They confirmed that her ear drum had perforated. They gave her strong meds and told us to take her back to our pediatrician in 3 weeks to make sure it healed.
The next day, Asa drew this picture. He says it says "I will cheer Rylee up because [she has an] ear infection." (He just wrote it a little backwards and phonetically spelled it and forgot a few words.) came from his heart without prompting from his parents. That's my favorite part!

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  1. That is totally sweet! He has really nice printing too.