Tuesday, June 5, 2012

End of the School Year stuff

I never posted a few things from the end of the school year.  We have the big kids' science fair projects, the twins' kindergarten graduation, the awards assembly for Rylee, and the last day of school.
 Which M&M color dissolves the fastest? --Asa
 Which liquid expands the most when frozen?  --Jenna
 Which ball will roll the fastest?  --Rylee

 Uncle Jim and Auntie Pam with the grads
 Dustin, an intern with GFA for the month of May, has been living with us.  The kids all adore Dustin and were thrilled that he came to their graduation!

 Rylee received an award for Science.  Jenna received a Science award, as well.  Asa got an award for P.E.  (That should make his Granddaddy proud!)
 Asa has had fun this year with the kids in his class, especially the boys.

 Asa with his teacher.
 Rylee's teachers handed out candy awards to each student.  Rylee received the "Bit-O-Honey" award for being so sweet to everyone.
Jenna with her class.  She had a great first year!

School's out and summer is here.  It was fun to celebrate the school year with special parties, reward days, and awards ceremonies.  I'm very proud of the accomplishments of each of my kiddos this year.  I've watched them all grow in their academics, but I've also enjoyed seeing them grow in character.  Their teachers each loved them very much and I had full confidence that they were not only being taught to read, write, and do math, but also to respect others, be kind, and be part of a group.

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