Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Zoo Trip for 2012

We've had an annual pass to the Dallas Zoo off and on since we moved here.  We skipped a year after getting a little "burnt out" on it.  Then, we got it again last spring when my dad and stepmom were in town for a visit.

I decided that I would take the kiddos for one last zoo visit before our pass expired.  There was a new koala exhibit that we didn't make it to see the previous time we were there.
Unfortunately, the new exhibit was lame.  But, the koalas were cute!
And, we enjoyed some really neat keeper encounters this time.
We watched the SOAR bird show, which first debuted last spring.  They've made it even nicer and it's a really good addition to the zoo.
We also saw the tiger up much closer than ever before.

 Jett usually naps twice a day, so he finally gave up and snoozed a bit after we ate some lunch.
I even shelled out the $5 for crackers to feed the giraffe.  You can't really tell, but that's our friend Kimberly, Asa and Rylee feeding the pretty animal.

 I got some sweet shots of the boys while we were waiting for the girls.

 Jenna and Asa learned about chimpanzees and Jane Goodall in kindergarten.  They told me all about the animals and this amazing woman.  We missed the keeper encounter because their mom can't read the times correctly, but we didn't miss the gorilla encounter.  It was awesome!

 We changed the kids into their swim suits and let them splash around in the kids area water feature.  Jett was fascinated with the water pouring from a rock.  The big kids were just happy to cool off and run around.

I tried to get a picture of all four kiddos, but we couldn't get Jett to look at me at the right moment.  The others were getting restless from crouching and smiling.  I still think it's a cute shot!

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