Monday, May 28, 2012

Friendly Visits

So sad that I never blogged this.  But, it came in a period of craziness for me....a 5K run, 2 field trips, 1 birthday, a Business Day at was just too much all at once!  So, here we are...two months later.
Our friends Ross and Nancy came to visit us at the end of March.  Ross is the senior pastor at the church where Joel served on staff in Pennsylvania from 2002-2007.  We love Ross and Nancy dearly and thoroughly enjoyed our visit with them.
They arrived on a Tuesday evening.  We hit the ground running on Wednesday.  We took them to Ft. Worth.  We visited the Stockyards, watched the cattle drive (walk), ate yummy barbecue, toured a few museums, watched a presentation about the wild west, then drove into the downtown area.

We visited the Ft. Worth Water Gardens, and then headed home...wiped out!
The water gardens have 4 different water features.  The biggest one has steps you can walk down.
It's a little daunting.  So, some stayed up top!

Water runs down the walls in another feature.
That was a favorite of the boys who couldn't keep their hands out.
On Thursday we drove through Turtle Creek (beautiful homes) after driving around the campus of Southern Methodist University.  Then, we rode the trolley on McKinney Street, grabbed some lunch, and did a picnic in Pioneer Park, where there are bronze statues of cattle.

We sent Ross and Nancy home ready for a vacation from their vacation.
But, it was lots of fun!

One of our favorite things was watching Rylee take pictures like Pastor Ross.
Isn't this just the cutest thing ever?

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