Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wild Child

I realized yesterday that I never put anything on the blog about my hair issues.  I posted a new profile picture on Facebook, so I guess I forgot the blog.  Oops. 

Don't most girls have hair issues?  I guess some don't.  And, I'm not trying to be mean, but those who typically say "I don't care" about their hair...don't have very nice hair.  Just sayin'.  [which really means "I'm saying it and you'll probably be offended, but I care less about offending you than I do about saying what I think.]
My hair has been through some seriously ugly phases.
Recently I had a really bad thing happen...a hair chick chopped me to pieces.  Seriously.  I had a huge chunk missing and it was asymmetrical, but wasn't supposed to be.  I grew it for 8 weeks (which is twice as long as I usually go between cuts) just so the manager could "fix" it some.  Seriously bad.
But, I managed to make it look like I meant it.  ha!
Then, I decided to have my friend Pam cut it again.  I like the new style.  And, the color is kinda crazy.
But, purple fades really, really fast.  And, it came out looking kinda red, which isn't what I really want.  Plus, it only lasted about a week.  I redid the purple on Sunday.  It's already fading again.  I'm thinking I'll just do a permanent blue black instead.  But, the cut's staying for now.

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