Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Instead of Pinterest :: My Home Organization Tips

I've written before about the struggle that I can have if I read too many blogs, spend too much time on Facebook, or browse through Pinterest.  I can start to envy.  I can walk away from the computer feeling bleh.

Yet, today, I had the opposite thing happen.

I browsed through a website's picture on home organization and found myself saying "I already do that" and "We built something like that!"  I walked away feeling encouraged.

Encouragement spurs me on.  It lifts me up.  It makes me want to share the encouragement.  So, I went around my house and snapped some pictures.  I'm going to do a series on home organization ideas.  Feel free to snap some shots from around your house and link up in the comments!

They aren't professional photos. I hardly straightened a thing before I snapped them.  You'll see the way "real" people make organization work.

First up are two ideas in my kitchen:
 spice organization
storage for washcloths and towels 
(we are lacking in the drawer department so this is what came of having too little space; 
this basket sits atop our fridge ...and usually has more neatly folded contents)

Coming soon:  small laundry room that can handle a family of six; trash and recycling pull-out; freezer filing; kids craft storage; linen closet taming; and MORE!

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  1. Love the spice storage! I'm going to have to do that in my cabinets. It's such a pain to dig through all the spices just to find the cinnamon. Thanks for sharing.