Thursday, May 24, 2012

Home Organization :: Kid Dishes, Freezer Space, and Recipes

 Kids' plastic plates and bowls reside in a lower cabinet where they can reach.  I also have lunch making items here in the white plastic bin (a $1 resale find).  It holds the little IKEA plastic containers we use for lunches. On weekends, it also fills up with the water bottles and sandwich containers.  I hardly ever use plastic baggies.  And, less frequently used baking dishes fit neatly behind this kid friendly spot.
Have a small freezer space?  Maximize it by freezing items flat in quart or gallon zip bags, then stand them up "file style" when frozen.
Containers make this even easier (I just added a 2nd container after this pic was taken).  This is a plastic shoebox that corrals the quart size freezer bags.  I scored boneless, skinless chicken breasts for 99 cents a pound so this is 25 pounds divvied up.

 So, what do I cook?
 Lots of things.  Our favorites are collected in this binder.  It's called "The Fletcher Family Favorites".

I like to have printed recipes in front of me.  So, this binder has printed pages from the web, recipe cards taped to it, and recipes torn from magazines all in a wipeable page protector.  I write extra instructions on the paper and can easily take out just one sheet to use while cooking.

I have all my recipes to try marked on Pinterest.  After trying it, I either move it to the appropriate category or delete the link.  I also print a copy and add it to this binder.  Maybe one day I'll be super sophisticated and have the ability to easily look at an iPad screen while cooking, enabling me to go completely paperless with recipes.  But, until then, this is my favorite method for collecting the recipes we love and use most!

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