Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Home Organization Tips

Yesterday I showed you how I organize spices and where we creatively store the hand towels and washcloths that don't fit in drawer space in our kitchen.

Next up are two more tips for the kitchen:

Place a container with frequently used kitchen cooking utensils right by your stove.  If you're like me, drawer space is limited and there are too many utensils in one spot.  This solves the problem and keeps things at my fingertips so I can grab them as I'm cooking.
Pull out trash drawer.  We didn't really have a convenient spot for our trash can to sit once we revamped our kitchen.  I visited a family once that used a big metal trash can and had it set in a pull-out drawer in their kitchen.  So, Joel built this basic drawer bottom and we got two cans from WalMart that fit nicely.  I LOVE my trash can drawer...keeps odor at bay and the cans out of sight.  Plus, it makes recycling super easy.  The front can is trash and the back can is all items recyclable, which is a LOT where we live!
This may look totally ridiculous to some of you, but this is practical at its best.  First, I have a vertical divider for my pots/pans lids.  It makes it so easy to grab the lid I need quickly.  The box on the left is used for plastic kid cups.  Originally the cups just sat on the shelf, but they were getting knocked over frequently.  This box was just the right size to corral the cups.  And, it's inside my cabinet so who cares if it's pretty?!  I was aiming for cheap...and I got it!

What creative things have you done to help maximize the space of your kitchen?

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