Monday, July 16, 2012

Changes For Our Family

Our family is busy with change at the moment.

I'll just jump right in and tell you what's happening. (This is part of the letter we sent to our supporters, so it's written as 3rd person.  Hope you don't mind.)

We are transitioning in ministry and will no longer be serving on staff with Gospel For Asia.  We have decided it's time to step back into pastoral ministry.

Joel has continued to have a heart for teaching and pastoring throughout our time on staff with GFA.   We have sensed for a while that when the time came for us to leave GFA that Joel would go to seminary to further his education.  With that in mind, Megan began the process of transferring her teaching certificate from Pennsylvania to Texas, knowing she might have to teach full-time to support our family while Joel went to school.  The more we talked about these "future plans", the more we sensed we should see what doors opened.

Megan met with the principal of our kids' school to ask questions and, hopefully, get some leads.  By the end of the meeting, she had a job offer.  Within that same week, Joel had an interview with Calvary Chapel Ft. Worth for their part-time youth pastor position.  He had a series of interviews and the opportunity to speak to the youth group on two separate occasions.  At the beginning of July Joel was offered the position.  The leadership of the church is supportive of Joel attending seminary and this part-time position will allow him the flexibility to attend classes and serve at the church.  He will begin serving as CCFW's youth pastor at the beginning of August.

With the job from Calvary in place, Joel told GFA's leadership of our coming departure.  His last day at GFA will be July 20th.  

As in every step of faith we've ever taken, we are relying on the Lord in this transition.  We believe this is where the Lord is leading us and are excited about the ministry opportunities that lie ahead...both at Calvary Chapel and at our schools.  We are also excited for Joel to begin classes and fulfill his goal for a seminary degree!

We will continue to need your prayer support and would appreciate you standing with us.  Megan is taking tests to get fully certified here in Texas. She has a One Year certificate, but needs to add certification for elementary grades since she will be teaching outside her original area of certification.  She passed her first test two weeks ago, takes her second test tomorrow (July 17th), and will take her third test in mid-August.

Our children have taken the news of the transition pretty well. Rylee has taken it a little hard, probably because she understands the implications the most.  However, this has been a good time to talk through some important things and teach valuable life lessons.

Finally, through all this transition we are also adding to our house.  Megan's mom has decided to leave Arizona and move to Texas!!!  We are very excited.  Our kids are beyond excited!  We will be going to Arizona the end of July to help pack up Linda and move her to Texas.  She will be living with us during this transitional school year and will be teaching part-time at a local private school.

We cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate all the ways you have stood with us for the past five years. We know you have prayed for us!  We have survived because you gave to us.  God has been incredibly faithful to teach us and show us His great love.  We can't wait to see what lessons He has in store through the next phase of following Him!

We hope you are finding the Lord faithful in your life as well.


  1. That is great! Congratulations to both of you. You are right in saying "changes". That is just amazing how it worked out with jobs happening so quick for both of you. That is what the Lord does to those who are faithful :) I use to like listening to the times when Joel preached at New Love. I'm sure that will be a big adjustment for the kids but with you & Joel being the great parents you are, they will be fine. So I take it your mom will be able to watch the twins and Jett? You are blessed in so many ways. Good luck to all of you on this transition :)

  2. You know when I started reading this my heart jumped and I thought...MAYBE THEY ARE COMING BACK !!!!! But alas, not yet....We are so happy for you and your ability to make such BIG changes but mostly for the amazing example you set for the rest of us to TRUST IN HIM FAITHFULLY AND FULLY !!! We will pray for all of you during this time and always.

    Sharai Lands & The Lands Clan

  3. Praying for the test tomorrow!

  4. We'll be praying for your family with all these new adjustments, Megan. :)