Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Fun -- Indoors

What do you do with four active kiddos when it's blazing hot outside and you don't want to get wet?
 Go to an indoor play area, of course!
 The metroplex has a play area inside every mall. The only problem is that those play areas are for smaller children.  Same goes for the play areas in fast food restaurants.  

But this awesome {HUGE} play area is at a church!  Brilliant move church peeps, brilliant!
 I'm guessing this part of the building was formerly the sanctuary (based on the structure).  There's a large play area for kids ages 4 and up.  Then, there's a smaller area for kids ages 3 and under.  Jett loves the little area, but also likes to venture into the big kids' part when a sibling is willing to let him explore.
 The girls helped him get up the playscape so he could reach the top of this very large slide.
 A place where all four of my kiddos can happily play.  We get out the energy and don't get heat stroke while doing it!  Score for everyone.

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