Monday, August 13, 2012


I could write about a million things and maybe someday I'll have time again.  For now, this blog post really stirred me.

I cannot fathom the hardness of hard one must have to be at this place.  Having carried two babies in my womb to 36 weeks, praying and hoping they would be okay when they were born, this just hurts deeply.  Having lost a niece because she and her twin sister were born at 23 1/2 weeks and fought valiantly for their lives, this is hurtful.

Yet, I have to ask myself what I'm doing.  What would God have me do?  I certainly don't want to stand in judgment.  I have no idea what would drive someone to this choice.  My life has probably been very different than theirs.  How can I fight for the lives of those who have no voice but also love the one who would make such a choice?


  1. This is so, so sad. I have to ask myself the same tough questions as you. Ugh...It's so much easier to turn away and not think about it. But I know God calls us to stand up for the innocent.

  2. I was once at that place, although much earlier in the pregnancy. The kind, understanding, but thought-provoking words of someone who had been there, regretted it, and who took the opportunity to speak with me hours before my appointment made me stop and think...long enough to change my mind. That baby is now older than I was at the time. Thank you, Lord.

    1. So thankful for that person and your decision.

  3. makes me sick, esoecially reading this holding baby D....their is more visible than mine. I have been extremely angry with people, and that is murder too.
    without Jesus, we are all guilty of murder. Not saying you dont know this, more of a reminder to myself when I get so horrified from reading something like this