Friday, August 17, 2012

Soon...I [really do] Promise

I'm terribly sorry to you [few] readers who check my blog awaiting some info on what my kids are doing.  [I know you are really only in it for them.]

Here's what we've been up to [and pictures that will be coming soon]...

--playdates with friends
--taking and passing teaching test {me}
--dog sitting for friends
--learning to ride a bike with no training wheels
--learning to ride a skateboard
--a road trip to Arizona including visits with friends, packing up Nana to move to Texas, visiting the Painted Desert and the Grand Canyon
--celebrating a birthday {me again!}
--starting new jobs and ministries
--pool party and scavenger hunt
--playing outside

We've been super busy!  I just haven't had time to download pictures or make them into a cute and interesting blog post.

Please forgive me.  And, keep looking for those pictures to come soon!

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