Sunday, October 21, 2012

Raising Money

Our school is doing their annual fall fundraiser, Believe Kids.  It has been an incredibly successful fundraiser for our school the past several years.  We're hoping to raise even more funds this year.

As the Vice President of the PTO this year, I get to help make decisions about how we use the PTO funds to support our students.  Thus far this year, we have paid for premium memberships for every classroom for Spelling City, a great online tool (that I have been using for my students since week 1).  In addition, PTO paid for the all-school Incentive Day to the Pumpkin Patch October 12th.  Over 250 students plus chaperones enjoyed a day of fun and sun for their hard work the first 6 weeks.

The PTO paid for two new ELMOs (video projection system) and projectors so that our core classrooms each have this awesome technology.  (My class was one of them!)  The PTO pays for all Teacher Appreciation Days (once per six weeks), and I am especially thankful for their generosity.  The PTO bought new keyboards for all our netbooks, as well.  (My class uses the computers on Thursday and my kids LOVE it!)

If you're so inclined, please take a moment to browse the Believe Kids catalog.  Every purchase helps our school.  It's a great fundraiser (giving us 50% profit...that's huge!).  My kids would be incredibly grateful!  And, I appreciate your support.

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