Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tell Me About Yourself

I tend to hate Facebook, Pinterest, and all other forms of social media because I instantly start comparing myself to what I see and realize I fall short in so many areas.

Even with resolutions for the new year (or insistence on a lack thereof), I'm lame.

Many times it robs the joy right out of my day.  It takes away from my marriage, my parenting, my teaching, my friendships, my holidays, my attitude.  You name it.  The enemy has a heyday in my envy.

It is ending right now.

I recently saw a challenge to combat this.  Join me, please!  Rather than think of all the things you are not, take a moment and add a comment to this post and tell me three things you are good at and one passion you have.

I'll go first.

[wow, this is a lot harder than i thought it would be.  i keep thinking of things and then adding qualifiers because i know a 'weakness' within that strength or i know someone who's better at that thing than i am so therefore i can't really claim it as a strength.  urgh!]

My name is Megan, and I'm good at leading others.  I'm incredibly empathetic.  I am very loyal.  I'm passionate about honesty and truth.


  1. I'm Robin. I'm a gifted teacher. I'm a committed wife and I find joy in helping others.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I think all women struggle in this area and I'm definitely not exempt either! Praying for you that the enemy would have no place in this over you any more!

  2. My name is Beth. I am good at making people feel special. I am a good cook. I'm good at finding blessings within difficulties. I am passionate about finding an outlet for my creativity.

  3. my name is summur and I am a great encourager, heart for those suffering, and thrive at getting things done quickly.
    miss you friend.

  4. My name is Laurie. I am good at planning parties for my kids. I am a good friend. I am an involved wife and mother and I am passionate about adoption and kids aging out of the foster care system without a family.

    Happy New Year, Fletcher Family!!

  5. My name is Emily. I am a good cook. I'm good at viewing difficult situations positively. I seek to always tell the truth.

  6. My name is Jess. I am good at laughing off mistakes, encouraging my husband, and going to the Lord with my worries. I am passionate about filling my home with the joy of the Lord!

  7. My name is Lisa. I am good at prioritizing, following through on the important things, and seeing the positive. I have a passion for growing in the Lord. You are a blessing to many, Megan! I love you, sister!

  8. yes harder than you think. My name is Kristin. I'm a good juggler (not literally), organizer, "connector" and problem solver. I have a passion for adoption, foster care and all kids realizing their God-given potential. I seek to love my amazing Heavenly Father by loving on those he puts in my path and the "least of these", wherever they may be.

    Love you, Megan!