Saturday, August 30, 2008

All About Being Real

One thing that I really struggle with is envy. I don't know what it is or why. Well, it's because I have flesh and pride. I'm sure there is something deep to it, like I don't really see myself as the woman I am in Christ. But, I'm all about honesty and figured I'd just say it out loud (well, write it publicly).

It's a struggle. And, as long as we're being honest, blogs make it worse sometimes. Some women's lives just look so darn easy and full of nothing but smiles and wonderful things. So, for the sake of any other people out there who are like me and don't have perfect's a post about real life. Nothing big, just real.

I am not a mom who does lots of fun things with my kids when it comes to arts and crafts. I already confessed my dislike for play-doh, so here goes more. I hear other moms talking about fun little 'projects' they do with their toddlers and think "man, my kids are getting the short end of the stick". is an historic moment...
I let the kids draw in yogurt.

I've been wanting to do this with pudding for a while now. But, the part of me that says "three toddlers finger painting with chocolate pudding? are you crazy?!!" has been winning.

Until Wednesday.

After making yummy egg, cheese and bacon sandwiches for breakfast, I spooned yogurt out on to each plate and told them to draw with their fingers.

They loved it!
And, I have to wasn't that bad. I could ONLY do it because they were behaving well that morning and we didn't have plans to leave the house anytime soon.

Maybe we'll even do it again soon. (They've asked EVERY morning since.)

They sure are cute!
So, what does this have to do with envy? Not a lot. Just that this beautiful picture of three smiling faces painting in yogurt isn't the reality in our home all the time. So, don't get jealous or think we have a perfect life.

I like to think my kids are happy and have fun every day, but they can be a handful. I like to think I'm fun for them, but they have to forgive me regularly. I'm convinced God gave me these three so close in age because He knew it would take this kind of responsibility to drive me to His feet more often and more deeply. He's good.

And, even in the hardest times, I look at these three precious faces and know there's no job I'd rather have than being their mama. And, I know God is gracious. He could have used anything to teach me and he chose Rylee, Jenna, and Asa.

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  1. First--love the new family pic--especially Asa's face. It's like, "You can all smile; I do NOT want to be here." Classic.

    Second--I really relate! I read blogs where it seems like they do arts and crafts nearly every day, and honestly my heart sinks even when Ana asks to get markers out--I USUALLY say no because of the mess and because I get tired of pulling marker pieces out of her mouth. Letting Ana paint for the FIRST time yesterday was not only a milestone for her, but for ME too--I tend to want to avoid the mess and bother of things like that. The reason she went crazy with a pen the other day is because I wanted Internet time and didn't watch her closely enough. And she got into the toothpaste when I was in the bathroom. Gah!

    So in case I'm one of the moms that makes you feel that way--I feel the same way too. I think on my blog my life sounds really fun because I tend to focus on the funny stuff in my posts. But everyday life usually feels different from that.... Blogging helps me focus on the positive but there's so much other stuff going on there--me questioning myself when I'm putting her in time out for the thousandth time (that DAY), wondering if I'm letting her watch too much TV, just trying to get through all the totally un-glamorous things that come along with being a SAHM.

    Thanks for being honest! I envy moms who DON'T struggle with envy, which is pretty ironic when you think about it. ;) But I think most of us do struggle with it, and it's great to be able to talk about it.

    Oh, and we have to try the yogurt; great idea! I think maybe I'll event try just a smidge of food coloring--enough to make some pastel colors but not enough to stain fingers. If I can get myself to take the time for it. :)