Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Starting

Monday we went to a BooHoo WooHoo event at church for moms. It was targeted for moms who were sending kids back to school. For some it's a boohoo time, for others it's a woohoo time.
Rylee starts preschool next week. It's all woohoo around here. We're excited for this opportunity for her to learn more. She cannot wait to start school!

On Monday, at the moms/kids event, we made baggies and cookies and jumped in a converted schoolbus that had gymnastics equipment. It was tons of fun. Here are some of the messy, happy faces!

Last night we went to Meet the Teacher night for preschool (which is at our church). Rylee will be in Ms. Amy's class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I can only imagine what Tuesday will bring. Rylee has already informed me she will wake up, brush her teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, and then go to school to learn. When she comes home she will do her homework, eat dinner, brush her teeth, and go to bed. The girl is way too much like her mama!

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  1. Hey Fletchers, I really enjoyed catching up on what you are doing. Thanks for sharing about the trials and God's provision. I needed that. You may hear from our friend Becky. She is really interested in GFA and may want to serve with them in the future.Jacque F.