Saturday, August 23, 2008

Special messages

God is so good. GFA staff were blessed to have Pastor Ken Ortiz from Calvary Chapel Spokane teach us this week. We had four special sessions that were an incredible blessing to me. I was unable to attend the 2nd session since Asa decided to take a 3 1/2 hour nap, but the other three were incredible. What amazed me most was how God was building on the things He had been saying to me through other teachers.
Our pastor is currently teaching through Galatians and it has been awesome. The Lord has had something specific for me every single week. I just love His Word and His Spirit! Then, I have been reading some books for our new staff mentoring with GFA. Again, very specific things the Lord has been saying coincide with what is being taught by our pastor and by Pastor Ken. As if that's not cool enough, I went to a high school small group for our church on Monday night and the specifics we talked about were right in line (though on a completely different "topic") with the theme of God's teachings to me. Finally, well I hope it's not the last message!, today I attended a women's brunch and the speaker was AGAIN talking about the theme!

So, what is this theme, you ask? Well, you didn't, but I bet you're wondering. Crazy. It's just crazy because it doesn't really make sense. But, it's about brokenness, humility, compassion, not being judgmental, and accepting all the trials that come in life. I is all that related? I don't know! But, I know it is. I know God is just speaking to me like crazy and it's wonderful!

The speaker this morning started her time by telling us she wanted us to each hear from the Lord. She then reminded us that she may not actually speak the words, but that the Holy Spirit will continue to minister to us. In the past, she has had someone say "you said 'this' and it really impacted me." Then, they walk away and she thinks, "I never said that!" But, it was the Holy Spirit speaking. Well, that's how I feel right now. The speakers aren't really talking about the same things, but it's all making sense and fitting together like pieces of a puzzle for me.
One tiny fragment at a time.

God is so good. He is so faithful. He loves us so much and wants to know us intimately. He wants to be my Best Friend. He wants my attention. I love when He has something special for me. What a privilege to be His child!

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