Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Famine in Myanmar

Last night during our weekly prayer meeting at GFA, a staff member shared about the famine that's taking place in Myanmar (Burma). You might remember that not too long ago, Myanmar with struck with a devastating cyclone (June '08).

Gospel for Asia missionaries and Compassion Services have been busy provided the love of Jesus, food, and supplies to those who were affected by the cyclone. Now, another disaster has hit their land.

Be sure to read the complete story here at the GFA website. I've just included a few details below.

Bamboo is normally a steady source of food for people in Southeast Asia. But part of the bamboo plant's natural growing cycle has caused parts of the region to be overrun with rats, which has caused a famine in the small country of Myanmar (Burma). At least 40 children have died, and more than 100,000 are living on the brink of starvation because of this crisis.
Many people have left their villages and gone to neighboring India, where the crisis has not had such a tragic effect. Although the bamboo bloom occurs in India, the government has programs in place to protect the crops and stop the proliferation of rats. There are only scattered reports of major rat infestations in India, mostly in the state of Manipur at the India-Myanmar border.

The pictures are just overwhelming. I cannot fathom living with an infestation of rats all over the land eating all the food.

Please pray for the people of Myanmar. Pray that the government will allow help to come into their country. Pray many people will come to know Jesus as our missionaries and Compassion Services provide relief. I can't help but think that with this tragedy coming on the heels of a major and very destructive cyclone that God is orchestrating things so these precious people will come to know Him. May He be glorified!

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