Monday, February 2, 2009

Riding Camels

While we were in northern India we had the opportunity to ride a camel. Very neat experience. It was quite bumpy. And, camels don't bend down all that gracefully. They also stink. But, the experience is still cool. And blog worthy!
While I missed my kids, many people were praying for us to have God's peace while away. And, I have to say God delivered. In fact, the last day we were in India I asked Joel, "Is there something wrong with me? My kids are halfway around the world and I'm fine! Totally fine. I mean, I would like to see them, but I'm okay." I guess when it says He will give us peace that surpasses understanding (Phil. 4), that's what it means! I didn't understand it. But, I'm so glad He gave it. I was really able to focus on why we were there. And, I learned a lot.
Our return to Texas
More to come...


  1. A camel ride ... now that's not something you get to do everyday!

  2. Nice sounds effects on the video!! It looks like you had a great trip!!

  3. Near the end, you look like you are going to fall off.