Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ellie is great. She has been watching our kiddos for a year now (can you believe it, Ellie?!). Originally she watched them Thursday afternoons so I could work in the GFA office. Then, we switched to Wednesdays. Finally, we have made it to Mondays, and that seems to be working.
My kids love Ellie. She brings books to read them or games to play with them. She plays outside with them and pushes them on the swing.
Sometimes she lets them watch a movie after they nap.
She gets them a snack.
And, she takes lots and lots and lots of pictures of them.
Ellie is very creative and does a very nice job with her pictures. (I especially like the ones of Jenna in her big tu-tu outside!)
All these photos are by Ellie. Thanks Ellie! We all love you!

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  1. i saw the title and was like, oh great. i HAVE to be starred in someones blog.

    but thank you!