Saturday, May 9, 2009

preschool activity websites

Parenting is a huge job. I often feel overwhelmed and under qualified to do this task! The impact of my job frightens me at times, especially when I am face to face with how wretched I truly am. Were it not by God's grace, I would think I had nothing to offer my children. Praise the Lord, I have lots of offer them. Most of all, I can point them to Jesus. And, that's the goal of everything Joel and I do as parents. We want our kids to know and love God.

We attempt to do that every day. I thank God for the ways I see my kids growing in their knowledge of Him and their love for Him. Just today as we walked through the mall, I heard Asa say aloud "Do you know God? [pause] Do you know God?" I'm not sure if he was asking certain people or just sort of saying it (he was behind me). But, when I turned around to look, he asked me. I said "yes! I know God!" He said "me too". Rylee chimed in "I know God too!" It was cute.

Later, as we were sitting eating lunch, Rylee was singing a worship song (not uncommon). She sang a line of "At The Cross" (posted here on my blog). "You tore the veil, You made a way when You said that 'It is Done'" She asked "what does it mean 'it is done?'" WOW! I love those times.

We talk about the Lord a lot. We talk about God's grace a lot. (I need His grace all the time!!!)

We also talk about regular old preschool things.

That's what this post is about, actually.

I found a great website with resources for moms. It has stuff for kids preschool through grade 5. I just finished printing some flash cards for Rylee to use. The site is called KidZone.

I also found another site that lists all kind of activities for toddlers. I plan on putting together some totes/boxes with things for the kids to do when they are "bored" of playing with their toys and 'regular' things around the house. I will also use the set of totes for times when I want the kids occupied--like when I cook dinner or work on a project. It's a site called "Paula's Archives" and the section I found is called "preschool activities." I can't vouch for the entire site. I just found the list of preschool activities to be cool.

Hope some of you moms out there with preschoolers (or elementary kids) can find these resources helpful.

Hopefully I can snap some cute pictures of my kids actually playing with these things and post them. Since it may take me a while to create...don't expect those pics anytime soon.

But, I have to put at least one cute picture on this post. I found this to be one of my favorites recently.

*Please note: the child in the top photo is NOT my child. I did NOT take that picture. I typed "parenting" into google and it was the first image that popped up!

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  1. Oh, no! I thought you were "babysitting" someone else's child and that you just put them there to keep up with them....and then I realized that the "duck" was there because it was "duck" tape that was being used! Honestly, I wondered.....what a sense of humor!!

    I don't know how you find the time to do all this posting...I am worn out just reading it all!! I loved all of the pictures and can tell that the kids are changing more and more everyday....growing up so fast!! Take in each and every moment...they are so precious! Too soon the kids will be up and gone and you will have the pictures.....Mom