Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Breaking from Busyness for This Interesting Note...

Joel found this online and thought it was fascinating. I also find it intriguing. Curious what you think?

(It's too wide for my column. Click on it, then click it again to make it large. That should work.)


(I tried to embed the code, but my column is not wide enough for you to get it all. So, to see the whole thing, click here. You can kind of get the picture even with this 3/4 version.)


  1. Very interesting--thanks for sharing it.

    Especially found it interesting that religious people give more than secular, even to secular causes.

  2. interesting, except i don't believe in karma.


  3. I just found it fascinating. I'm always intrigued to hear stats about giving vs. how much we spend at WalMart. I know I spend more than my fair share there!

    And, I agree on the karma, but it was part of the picture that I couldn't remove.

    According to AdventConspiracy.org, Americans spend $450 billion each year on Christmas. It would only take $60 billion to provide clean drinking water to the entire world!

  4. it's like that microbusiness loan thing... dad explained it the other night, and really it takes so little to help people, we just don't do it.