Friday, January 22, 2010

Four Years Ago Today... (an interruption in travels)

I'm interrupting my travel back in time from a year ago to talk a moment about four years ago.
Four years ago today our family almost doubled in size. I gave birth to two beautiful and healthy babies, Jenna and Asa.

It's hard to believe they are already four years old. Time has flown by.

The saying "The days are long but the years are short" is definitely a reality in our lives. There were many, many, many long days. Rylee is just 21 months older than the twins and didn't talk until the twins were almost 6 months old. For many of the early months I had three non-talking, diaper wearing babes. Praise the Lord, I had a lot of helping hands nearby!
1st birthday
I would be lying if I said I remembered the first year of their lives like I remember Rylee's. I don't. Their first year is sort of a blur. It was fun and full of laughter and we enjoyed it, but I think we were just "doing it" each day. It was busy. Feedings, diapers, crying, naps, necessities like grocery shopping.
2nd birthday
Grocery shopping...I would push the double stroller with the twins strapped in and pull a cart with Rylee strapped in. I was a little train going through Weis supermarket, getting lots of comments about how busy I was.
3rd birthday
It's been a very fun four years!

This year feels different. Maybe it's the excitement of all three kids; they all understand the celebrations now. But, then I realized that we really didn't celebrate their 2nd birthday with too much vigor. We had only lived in Texas for two months and it was on a Tuesday night, so we had prayer meeting. Last year we were in India for their 3rd birthday. We had a party a week later, but it just wasn't the same. This year we took a pizza lunch to preschool for them to enjoy with their class on Thursday. Today we're having lunch with preschool friends and then dinner with the kids' GFA grandparents. We're looking forward to a busy but fun-filled day of celebrating.

Happy birthday Jenna & Asa. I welcomed you with great joy four years ago and today I'm more thankful than ever for the precious children you are! You add infinite value to my world and I can't imagine it without each of you.

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