Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Significance of One

I first heard the story of Sister Kanga during a prayer meeting this summer. Our photo journalist was fresh from the field and retold her story. I wept. The faith and dedication of Sister Kanga challenged me.

I am honored to be working on a new project that will share stories like Sister Kanga's with more women here in the West, asking them to link their lives with our precious women missionaries on the field. Many of these women have experienced a miracle and have a passionate love for the Lord. Their deepest desire is that others would experience His amazing love and give their lives to Him.

We just added Sister Kanga's story to our website. The first video tells of her salvation while the second video explains her incredible ministry.

Will you consider linking your life with a woman missionary on the field? Click here to go to the GFA website and scroll through until you find a female missionary. You can change hundreds of lives by sponsoring one missionary for just $30/month. That's one meal at a restaurant for our family. The sacrifice is more than worth it!

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