Friday, September 10, 2010

Commitment and Courage

With school starting this week for the twins, I have been able to go into the office for my normal Tu/Thu hours. Thanks to my friend Kristin, I also get to stay a little longer than I did last year.

The timing couldn't be more perfect!

This week I've been busy working on a new project and also continuing to serve in our Missions department (that sounds weird considering our whole organization is a missions ministry, but the Missions Dept deals with assigning missionaries to sponsors, handling correspondence between sponsors and children in our Bridge of Hope program, preparing missionary and children profiles for upcoming events, updating sponsors, and a few other tasks).

I'm so excited about what we are working on with this new project--looking for ways to share with women's groups about women in Asia. We aren't really doing anything all that "new". It's still all about people here in the West supporting national missionaries in Asia.

Some people know GFA for different things we do: drilling Jesus Wells for clean water, our Bridge of Hope children's program, the radio broadcasts that can be heard throughout the U.S., radio programs we have in Asia, our Christmas Gift catalog, etc. But, all these programs are like spokes of a wheel; the hub is a missionary who is committed to sharing the Gospel with the lost. All the 'other' things we do enable the missionary to reach the lost.
For this 'new' campaign, we are focusing on women. Our women missionaries are amazing! I cry almost every time I hear an account of their lives and commitment. They often endure incredible hardships to proclaim the love of Jesus to those who have never before heard His name.
Right now, we have a little bit of information on the web explaining what some women do . We're working to improve what we can give to women here to explain what women there are doing. I would love your prayers for wisdom and guidance as we seek to share the ministry with more people--specifically women--here in the West.

Specifically, here are some things we are hoping to have:
--direct link to available women missionaries (right now, you click that link "sponsor now" and you would have to search to find a woman missionary)
--we would also like to have more stories that explain what women missionaries do
--we would like to provide updated statistics on the plight of women in Asia

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  1. super exciting!!!! I love this campaign!!Women are so good at supporting other women, and this is a great thing for GFA to be doing! PTL!