Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Parties and Playtime

We enjoyed several Halloween gatherings this year.
Thursday night my kids went to a friend's birthday costume party. On Friday, the twins and I went to a party for preschoolers at church while Rylee wore her costume to school. And, Sunday the kids dressed up for the third time to attend a local "Fall Festival" and to go trick-or-treating.
Last week I searched the internet and came up with a list of a dozen costumes I could make/put together. The kids picked their favorites. Rylee was going to be a butterfly, Asa a robot, and Jenna a bag of jellybeans. None of them wore the same outfit for all three events!Rylee didn't really like the way her wings were turning out on Thursday (me either!). So, she opted to wear some of her ballerina clothing. She stuck with it for the Friday and Sunday events.
Asa wore Spiderman (from his dress-up box, thanks to Grandma and Granddaddy 2 years ago!) for the Thursday night party because Daddy hadn't made his robot suit yet. He came home and tried it on and decided to stick with Spiderman since the robot was a lot less comfortable. (and the baby was a basketball and I was a hoop/backboard)
Jenna wore her dress-up Tinkerbell costume on Thursday since the jellybean suit wasn't yet ready. But, she was very excited to don her plastic bag filled with balloons for Friday and Sunday!The kids bobbed for apples, decorated cookies, and played outside for the preschool party. On Sunday we went to a local carnival that was not exactly what we had in mind. Everything was expensive and absolutely nothing was free. If you know me well, you know I'm all about free! I really don't enjoy things as much if I've had to pay what I think is too high a price.
We managed to get rid of the tickets we bought at the festival as the kids enjoyed the petting zoo and a very long obstacle course. Then, we decided to just return to our neighborhood for good old fashioned trick-or-treating. Yep, it's the most simple and the best!
I absolutely LOVED watching my three kids giggle in excitement as they ran from house to house getting their bags filled with candy! How much fun! much are we going to actually let them eat?!


  1. Amen on the letting them eat it part:O) LOL!!! Or mama will eat it!

  2. How did you ever come up with the idea for YOUR costume...too cute!!

  3. Ohmygoshthatbasketballcostumeissoadorable!!! You are too funny!

  4. I LOVE the basketball costume!!